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Playlists on our Website

Jerome Manato uploaded 3 playlists on our website. Let us know if this has enhanced your viewing pleasure.

1. Reminiscence Playlist on the Home Page

Most of the songs are probably played during our graduation days. Just want to refresh our minds and reminisce those moments of laughter and parting and teary eyed goodbyes during our graduation march..

2. I also uploaded a minus one version of the SCS Alma Mater song in "The Catherinians" page.

3.  Another one on the Welcome to our Site link. Who will guess the song title and artist will win a prize at
     the Sarurday Dinner at the RIO Oct. 18.

Please let us know if these Playlists have enhanced your viewing pleasure .

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1)   Reminiscence Playlist on the Home Page

2)   A minus one version of the Alma Mater song on the Catherinians Link

3)   How about the one on the Welcome Site link?