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A Happy Fathers' Day to all Dads


Today, we pray Dear Father, Abba, 
for all our earthly fathers
For our Grandfathers 
and our Great grandfathers
For Adoptive fathers
For Expectant fathers
For Foster Fathers
For Stepfathers
For all Spiritual fathers
Watch over them all, 
give them the grace they need to be faithful to their vocation.

By the power of the Holy Spirit, equip them to manifest your love to the men and women of this increasingly fatherless age.

Men and women who desperately need to find you as their Heavenly Father and take their place in the Family of God, the Church of Your Beloved Son.







Ben Campanon with grandkids











 On his 100th birthday
with Benna his greatgranddaughter who was named after him
for she was born on his birthday..
(Carmela - Arizona Correspondent)  

What does one say about a man who makes it thru a hundred years with his full senses intact? Amazing...is all I can say.

We originally had planned for 150 immediate first cousins to attend cause we knew we had a bario of immediate family members. At the end of the day, the caterers said we had over 200 guests!  Thank goodness my sister Tita did the planning of events which is so good at and all we had to do was show up and contribute. My nephews and nieces provided the entertainment.  We had hired a professional video taker to record events of his day, starting with his getting dressed. True to form, papa decided wearing a barong tagalog was out of the question, so we let him pick a decent t-shirt for the event. 

Age in him has manifested in a lot of physical pain from arthritis where he needs help moving around, but for the occassion, he decided he was walking by himself with his walker...no assistance for all to see. Wheelchair is definitely not in his vocabulary and makes him angry just with the suggestion.  I asked Monsignor Boy to make the sermon short as I was not sure papa could sit up more than an hour, but, not only did he make it thru the hour mass, he stayed around long enough to sing a duet with Nang Lian of  "Let Me Call You Sweetheart"  - his and my mom's theme song.  Of course, he broke down halfway thru but did finish it. He stayed around to thank and greet the well wishers. 

He was so proud to have the previous governor,then congressman Eddy Gulias attend his celebration...apparently, Eddy-Gul as he called the congressman was close to my mom during his governorship days. Cousins whom I have not seen since1963 were there, from the Yap, Camotes, Florido and Monticello side. Even cousins (kids of papa Ben's only sibling) came and this is the first time I have ever met them. We reminesced clear into the night. What a wonderful occassion, brought about by an event attended by people who loved this extraordinary patriach.

:Update: My dad made it to his 101st birthday. He died peacefully ( June 28 2013)  with no pain or problems we associate with terrible death. I am quite sure he is now up there giggling his "signature" giggles that I always heard from him. I don't ever remember a harsh or negative word come out of him. Even when my mom was doing her usual mistress of the household rampage, he just shook his head, go in another direction, whistling his Hawaiian songs. He loved music and he loved to be around his great-great grandchildren. I think that was his secret of a peaceful mind. I truly think he also thought as a child and the problems of adults would melt in the background. Happy Father's day, Papa Ben. You are very much missed.

Ben Campanon is the Father of:




Judy Campanon  ASuncion












Anastacio Caballero Alcordo


Papa with Mother
( Thelma - Michigan Correspondent)  

This was taken from Chapter 2 of my book
 A Bereaved Hybrid – Recollections of Two Cultures.

It happened during the time when we were all home for a family reunion. We spent the day at a pearl farm in the southern part of the country at my uncle’s invitation. My father called and wanted us to come home a day earlier. We really didn’t want to but he said it was Lent,it can't be just site seeing, you need time for reflection . His plan was to have a mini medical mission and bring in as many medical supplies, non-prescription drugs and anything that will be useful to the mountain people, who the townspeople call taga-bukid.. He wanted us to tend his favorite folks and Holy Week is a good time to help others. Another doctor who is a good family friend volunteered to join us. So we had 3 doctors, 2 nurses and other helpers (1 business woman, 2 CPA’s, a sheriff and a science teacher).

We had 5 days to gather all kinds of medical supplies, vitamins, over the counter medicines, topical antibiotic ointments, skin rash remedies, mosquito repellents , eye drops, first aid kits, soaps, rubbing alcohol, lotions, deodorants, gauze, skin dressings and bottles of sanitized hand wash. Networking for donations towards our medical mission generated a lot of interest.  The generosity from our personal and business friends exceeded our expectation.
A milk company donated 10 boxes of powdered milk. Others donated non-medical supplies like chocolates, candy, sugar cookies, cans of sardines, spam and corned beef and cigarettes. My one sister collected t-shirts, hats, slippers, totes and dusters from fellow storeowners.

When we got to the more inhabited side of the mountain, a group of smiling faces met us. We were placed in two houses. What was truly amazing was the pit they dug for us. It was supported by 8 bamboos, 2 on each corner and covered with banana leaves. It was the most original Porta John.

We saw and checked all the people who came (about 50) till it was no longer feasible with three kerosene lamps. The men built a bon fire. We sat outdoors on the grass after we ate. It was good to stretch. Tired but felt like we'd done something good, and we sure did. We were ready to call it a day but my father wasn’t done yet. He held a copy of the 7 last words,and while a man held a kerosene lamp,the guys took turns in reading the last words of Jesus Christ. Under a mountain sky with only the stars and the moon to light the night, with mosquito burners and the bon fire,Christ seven last words on the cross rang loud and clear.

 1    Father forgive them for they know not what they do
11   Woman behold your son..behold your mother
111  I thirst
1V    This day you will be with me in paradise
 V       My God My God why has thou forsaken me
V1       It is finished
V11      Father, into your hands I commend my spirit

When it was over everyone was quiet. We sat in silence,no one said a word . Then Mama got up and said, “it's time for bed”. 

What did just happen here? The spirit of Lent was in all of us. This was a Good Friday we won’t forget. Once again, Papa showed by example the greatness in serving others especially those who can’t pay you back.Papa was the most humble, self-effacing and self-denying man I know. He was indeed a silent giver.

Anastacio Caballero Alcordo is the Father of:


Brenda Alcordo

Thelma Alcordo

Edith Alcordo Cardeno

Miguel Alcordo







Aurelio Sienes Sr.

My Father

( Tessie Sudbury Canada Correspondent))  


Showing my love and appreciation for my father (1892-1981) who is beside me in this photo. This was taken when I was in high school at SCS. I am also thanking him for his wisdom and for the encouragement he gave us...to believe in ourselves to attain success in life.

He was also an educator like my mother. I always remember his story....he was a school principal when the Japanese arrived in San Fernando...he was then ordered by the Japanese commander to gather all the students and teachers back to school pronto or else....the machete would land on his neck!! Terrifying, but he did it!!

Wishing all the fathers on our website a Happy Father's Day.

Mr. Aurelio Sienes is the Father of:


Ma. Socorro
Sienes Pena

Tessie Sienes

Maria Corazon
Sienes Enad






Felipe Fernandez



Mr. Felipe Fernandez    ( with Mrs. Fernandez)

( Frederico California Correspondent)  


"Beyond the platitudes of how we want to describe our fathers, the reality is we can't nearly be accurate. Time and places change and often we lose touch of what might seem small but important events in our relationship. Some are fortunate enough to have good relationships with their Dads and some are lucky enough to have any, good or bad. Perhaps because Dads, without any attempt to stereotype, usually are the disciplinarian in the family, are often misunderstood by many offsprings, until they become fathers themselves.

We were in distant places most of the time when I was growing up. He was working and based in Manila and would come home to Cebu only every so often. In the sixties, this was frequent enough considering the cost of air travel at that time. But when school was done for the year we would join him in Manila and have the grandest of time. Shopping and trips to Tagaytay and Baguio are excitedly anticipated. Needless to say, he gave us everything he could and more, emotionally, spiritually and materially, like no other.

Cynthia and I are lucky we both have our Dads still alive and well. Mine is 88 years old and hers is 90. Both are still very active even if they have lost their spouses only recently. They're enjoying their great grandchildren and partaking in important milestones of our lives.

We are all eternally thankful and grateful of what they have done for us."

Mr. Felipe Fernandez is the father of Frederico Fernandez.




June 21 2020  USA

In some countries this Sunday it will be Father's Day.

Here in New Zealand, we celebrate Dad's in September, but let's be honest... NOW is always the time to celebrate people we love!

So if you're a Dad, I wish you Happy Father's Day!

And here are a few reflections about fathers...

  • Fathers play an important role in offering a stabilizing, nurturing presence for their children.

  • That role doesn't end when kids grow up. As adults, we still look to fathers for those same things.

  • It's a big role and responsibility, and I acknowledge all the Dads out there who show up, care for, love, support and provide for their children.

  • In celebrating fathers, it's not just about our direct fathers (biological dads, step-dads, adoptive dads). It's also about father figures more widely... grandfathers, uncles, community leaders... people in our lives who offer the same father-like nurturing leadership, guidance and caretaking.

Today pause for a moment to reflect on who has been a father figure in your life, and give thanks for the presence of that person or people.

For example, I can see in my own life that my Dad is a stabilizing presence and a role model (he feels like my home-base safe-place when I'm with him or think of him). I'm also able to witness so many caring fathers in my extended family, and also in the community and social networks I've moved through in my life. I'm grateful for all of these people.

And it's super important to acknowledge that some people feel grief at this time of year if their father figures are no longer with them in this life. If that's you, may you be comforted, and may the spirit of your loved ones and father-figures be ever present with you.

And for others, they may not have had a good relationship with their father or may not have had father-figures present. If that's you, I see you and I love you, and may life place in your path every ounce of nurturing support and love that you deserve.

B 💛