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Post Election Comments

Americans are so sick of politics right now that it's hard to think of an America with happy, and prosperous people , secure with the blessings of amenities that other nations lack. We must not let ourselves into the blame game for that won't heal or abate our frustration. The best way is to write. Jotting down what's on your mind will help unload what's troubling you. So this is our way to begin to heal the emotional upheavals of what's happening in our country. It's our attempt towards restoration.






The Paradigm Shifted       

Thelma - Charlotte Correspondent

When President - elect Trump spoke at 3am Nov 9 , the tone and verbiage was nothing like candidate Trump. Did his political
journey changed his persona ? For many the analogy of the runaway train gave Trump their votes. The runaway train has only 2 tracts. One will surely kill many people, the other tract will kill less. So by limiting evil, this choice is now good. 

I did not vote for Trump. After 18 months of negativity with two unfavorable presidential nominees, I voted for Evan McMullin, an independent candidate from Utah whose expressed voices were closely aligned to mine. Well the unexpected happened. All the polling were wrong, the pundits and "experts"  in social media were blinded and didn't hear the voices echoed by the people. A historical win for one who wasn't predicted according to the polls to win.

Well now I am willing to give the President-elect a fair shot. Im responding to Mike Pence 's call for Republicans to come home.
A businessman probably has a good chance to promote economic growth and thereby bring the $19 trillon dollar debt down.  A Republican Congress and a Republican White House  is poised to do better if not well and that goes for the Supreme Court Justices too.

Remember the story in the bible where a woman accused was about to be stoned to death, and Jesus asked "who among you has not sinned, throw the first stone . " This election year certainly gave us plenty to think and reflect on. In the end it will work out.






Carmela Arizona Correspondent

I have no business commenting on the presidential election as I voted for neither of the candidates. It was my way of saying “none of the above”. I did go and vote for other local issues that were important to me.

So Trump won, big deal. In 4 years, he will get his score card at the election polls. Nothing we can do about it now. As an ex-federal government worker, one mishandling of confidential issues would have been an end to my career, as lowly as it was compared to Hilary’s position. Yet, there are no consequences for her; a definite double standard. Lying so blatantly and expecting to be brought to office seemed to be an expectation for her and her elitist friends. I am glad she was proved wrong. Trump is all hotheaded brashness and when he talked, he reminds me of a spoiled rich kid who is used to having his way…he also scares me. I really expected presidential manners from somebody who leads from the highest office of this country. Or maybe that is just one trait that is no longer required of leaders nowadays. One can only hope his vice president can temper him during the next 4 years.

I have stopped watching the news. I am upset to see these young kids march in protest because they did not like the election results. Haven’t they had civic lessons on accepting election outcomes of this country? I was even more disgusted when they showed one girl lamenting that she would lose her ability to buy birth control pills if Obamacare was rescinded. How truly small-minded! When I was growing up, I worked extra hours to afford a healthcare package and as for birthcontrol pills, I would hope there is more to Obamacare than precious birth control pills…how about abstinence or self control? One of my friends who has a different opinion pointed out it would be better if they have access to birth control pills than opt for full term abortions…how insane…again, another example of worst of two evils. To me it seemed that was all we had this year…a choice of two evils.

I am of the generation where if you skip class for your other extraculicular activities, you suffer the consequences. This last week, not only was not attending classes allowed, “psych support/counseling” was made available to those who could not bear the outcome of the elections. All these events reinforced my opinion that kids these days have it too cushy. Poor babies…their parents should tell them to suck it up; or maybe their parents were marching alongside as well.

As for the celebrities who want to move from the country…I say good riddance. There are hardly any good movies nowadays anyway. There is always Pixar and wonderful animated movies which have feel good life lessons. It is time to face the future ahead. I hope it is better, but if not, there is always another election in 4 years. This country has too strong a foundation to be leveled by one single



                                                    TIME TO MOVE ON

Lourdes- California Correspondent

        I would like to remind all anti-Trump supporters that the election is over.  The country has chosen.  You say, "He is not my president," but your President Obama has welcomed your President-elect Trump to the White House.  Your candidate Clinton has conceded.  Get over it.  Vandalizing and looting of small business properties just show how entitled young people are these days.  Obstructing law abiding, tax-paying wage earners from getting to their jobs will get you nowhere.  Throwing a fit because you did not get what you expected tells you not to believe everything the polls and TV say.  According to the Wall Street Journal, two major polls predicted Trump's victory but were brushed aside by the media.  So much for unbiased reporting.

         Just as Hillary Clinton has moved on, it is time for all to move on.  Go back to your classrooms, acquire a skill, get a job, pay taxes, raise law-abiding children, and most of all VOTE, and if you develop a stomach for it, enter politics.

        The presidency is not based on personality cult.  The presidency is an institution that deserves the respect of all who live in this US of A.  If nothing else, give this new leader a chance to prove himself.  This is American democracy, and if you cannot accept set backs and don't like this system, move to another country; see how you like it there; and please, on your way out, take all your foreign flags with you.

        FYI, I am a naturalized citizen; came into the country legally.  I could not in all honesty vote for either of the major candidates so I voted independent.  That is my protest. 





Quoted from the book, Chasing the American Dream (p.33) –

Marianas - Washington State Correspondent

"If we want to get back to what makes this country great and if we want to offer the opportunities for this country to be great again, we've got to remember what made us great in the first place. What made us great was a strong manufacturing base, a decent standard of wage to allow people to work, and if mom didn't want to work or if dad doesn't want to work, you should be able to raise a family on one income.

Like I said, when you look at General Motors as the number one employer and now it's Walmart, and nearly everything in Walmart, probably 80 or 90 percent is made in China, that's the economy we're supporting."

I did not vote, however, you can deduce how I feel now.