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July 15 2008






The Changing Nest


As the nest empties, parents can alleviate the sadness by rediscovering themselves and honoring the strides their children have made.

Once individuals become parents, they are parents forevermore. Their identities change perceptively the moment Mother Nature inaugurates them mom or dad. Yet the role they undertake when they welcome children into their lives is not a fixed one. As children move from one phase of their lives to the next, parental roles change. When these transitions involve a child gaining independence, many parents experience an empty nest feeling. Instead of feeling proud that their children have achieved so much -- whether the flight from the nest refers to the first day of kindergarten or the start of college -- parents feel they are losing a part of themselves. However, when approached thoughtfully, this new stage of parental life can be an exciting time in which mothers and fathers rediscover themselves and relate to their children in a new way.

As children earn greater levels of independence, their parents often gain unanticipated freedom. Used to being depended upon by and subject to the demands of their children, parents sometimes forget that they are not only mom or dad but also individuals. As the nest empties, parents can alleviate the anxiety and sadness they feel by rediscovering themselves and honoring the immense strides their children have made in life. The simplest way to honor a child undergoing a transition is to allow that child to make decisions and mistakes appropriate to their level of maturity. Freed from the role of disciplinarian, parents of college-age children can befriend their offspring and undertake an advisory position. Those with younger children beginning school or teenagers taking a first job can plan a special day in which they express their pride and explain that they will always be there to offer love and support.

An empty nest can touch other members of the family unit as well. Young people may feel isolated or abandoned when their siblings leave the nest. As this is normal, extra attention can help them feel more secure in their newly less populated home. Spouses with more leisure time on their hands may need to relearn how to be best friends and lovers. Other family members will likely grieve less when they understand the significance of the child's new phase of life. The more parents both celebrate and honor their children's life transitions, the less apprehension the children will feel. Parents who embrace their changing nest while still cherishing their offspring can look forward to developing deeper, more mature relationships with them in the future. 









With the changing of the seasons upon us into cooler weather (northern hemisphere 😅), it is time to give our gardens some extra TLC!

For those who are still enjoying the summer harvests, continuing to apply foliar nutrition during the seasonal shifts can help offset any stress from the chilly nights (depending on where you are) and also improve your plants' health while they are giving so much produce!

If you are like me and recently moved or have decided to start a new garden for the fall, then using foliar sprays, soil drenches, microbial inoculants, and mineralizing our soil is crucial to get our plants strong before the cold sets in.

Keeping our plants healthy also enhances soil health, which is the ultimate investment in our future.

It doesn't have to be an overwhelming process either. I know when I nerd out it can get complex really quick, but I mean it IS soil - a whole UNIVERSE beneath our feet! Sigh... soil... 😍

Anyway! This is why I created the Garden Health Kit - to make loving and nurturing your plants and soil easier.

So to celebrate the transitioning of the seasons and for the love of gardening, I am doing a sale on the Garden Health Kits!

Jessica (Grow Food) <jessica@growfoodfilm.com>






How Many Stages of Sleep Are There?   

Sleep isn’t uniform. Rather, you run through several rounds of a “sleep cycle” that’s made up of 4 distinct stages. In a typical night’s sleep, the average person will go through anywhere from 4 to 6 sleep cycles – continuously progressing through each stage of sleep before starting the cycle all over again. 

Each stage of your sleep cycle plays a crucial role and can be broken into two distinct categories: rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep. 

Let’s take a little deeper look at each of these 4 unique sleep cycle stages:1,2

NREM Sleep Stage 1

The first stage of NREM sleep is the transition from wakefulness to sleep. This phase includes those first few minutes where you begin to “doze off” and your brain waves begin slowing down from their daytime wakefulness. 

Physiologically, what occurs during stage 1 sleep, is a decrease in your breathing, heart rate, and eye movements. Your muscles also begin to relax, although sometimes you’ll have occasional twitches. During this light stage of sleep, you can be awakened easily, but if left undisturbed, you’ll quickly slip into the next stage of NREM sleep.

NREM Sleep Stage 2

During stage 2 of NREM sleep, you ease a little further into sleep. Your muscles become more relaxed, your heart rate and breathing slow even further. Your eye movement stops and your body temperature begins to drop. 

As a whole, your brain wave activity slows even more, but it’s marked by brief bursts of electrical activity that actually help you resist being woken up by external stimuli. The length of this stage of sleep will vary, usually getting longer and longer with each cycle – but you’ll typically spend about half your sleep time in stage 2 of NREM sleep.

NREM Sleep Stage 3

Stage 3 of NREM sleep is the deepest stage of sleep and is critical for achieving the restorative rest that leaves you feeling refreshed in the morning. During this stage, your breathing and heart rate slow to their lowest levels and your muscles are fully relaxed. 

Your brain waves slow to an identifiable pattern, with slower frequencies known as delta waves. Similar to stage 2, the length of time you spend in stage 3 will fluctuate throughout the night – but this stage tends to get shorter and shorter with each sleep cycle.

REM Sleep (Stage 4)

The fourth and final stage of sleep is REM sleep. In the REM stage of sleep, your brain activity begins to perk up, nearing levels seen during wakefulness. Your heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing increase. Your eyes move quickly from side to side behind your closed eyelids. At the same time, you’ll experience temporary paralysis of your muscles – in a state known as atonia.

The length of the REM stage will vary throughout the night, but on average, you spend about a quarter of your sleep time in this stage. As you transition out of REM sleep, you re-enter the light sleep of stage 1 and begin the cycle over again.

What Stage of Sleep Do You Dream In?

The majority of your dreams take place during REM sleep. As brain activity increases and different areas of your brain are stimulated, you experience vivid dreams. In order to protect you from “acting out” your dreams, your brain simultaneously sends signals that shut off neurons in your spinal cord – temporarily paralyzing your major muscle groups.

Exactly why we dream is still a mystery. Some speculate it may be a way for us to process emotions and information that we encounter in our day-to-day lives. Regardless of exactly what purpose dreams serve, there’s ample evidence that REM sleep and dreaming are essential to our cognitive functions like learning, memory, and creativity.3 

So let’s take a look at some ways you can optimize your sleep and ensure you’re logging plenty of crucial rest.

How to Sleep Better Than Ever

When it comes to getting truly restorative sleep, you want to focus on both quantity and quality. 

For most people, the ideal amount of sleep is 7-8 hours each night. And you’ll want to aim for high-quality sleep – meaning uninterrupted sleep that allows you to seamlessly run through each stage of the sleep cycle throughout the night. To improve your sleep habits and get a better night’s rest, here’s what I recommend:

  • Avoid caffeine late in the day: Having an afternoon latte or tea stimulates your brain – leaving you wired and wide awake when it’s time for bed. Skip caffeine later in the day to allow your body to wind down naturally.
  • Avoid alcohol before bed: While alcohol may help you doze off initially, it actually disrupts your sleep pattern – robbing you of essential REM sleep. So, moderate alcohol consumption and avoid it close to bedtime. 
  • Create a nighttime routine: Sticking to a pre-sleep routine can help you wind down and train your brain to associate these habits with bedtime. Simple steps like brushing your teeth, washing your face, and slipping into pajamas can help you establish a better sleep rhythm.
  • Keep your room comfortable: Fine-tune the temperature of your bedroom so you’re not too hot or cold – although keeping your room a little on the cooler side can help you sleep. Shut off all lights and use curtains or an eye mask to block out any lights.
  • Use a fan or white noise: Bothersome noise can disrupt your sleep and keep you awake. Using a fan, white noise, or even earplugs can help drown out any sounds that might disturb you.
  • Shut off electronics: Cell phones, laptops, and television cause mental stimulation that can be hard to shut off. Unplugging from all electronics at least 30 minutes before bed can help your brain wind down and drift off to sleep.

Cultivating these healthy habits can go a long way in improving your sleep – giving you that refreshed and “ready to take on the day” feeling each morning. But sometimes, you may need a little extra help to reach that deep restorative slumber. 

Natural Sleep Supplements

While there’s no substitute for healthy lifestyle habits to promote healthy sleep, sometimes you might need a little extra help to get enough shut-eye. The good news is, you don’t have to rely on prescription drugs or other heavy-duty sleep aids to help you catch some z’s. There are some powerfully effective and safe all-natural sleep supplements. 

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Sleep Essentials: Sleep essentials is a potent combination of all-natural bioactive cofactors and amino acids. These compounds work together to naturally boost sleep-promoting hormones and neurotransmitters like GABA, melatonin, and serotonin. It’s designed to support normal uninterrupted sleep if you’re experiencing occasional difficulty falling or staying asleep.
  • Dream Powder: Dream powder is a blend of ingredients designed to support the natural synthesis and balance of hormones and neurotransmitters that induce sleep and combat stress – allowing you to more easily drift off into peaceful slumber.
  • LipoCalmLipoCalm is a powerful blend of natural nutrients and botanicals calibrated to help ease your body into sleep. A dose of LipoCalm before bed helps trigger your brain to begin winding down and drifting off to sleep without any of the negative side effects that come with prescription sleep aids.

These potent supplements don’t rely on drugs that leave you groggy or have the potential to be habit-forming. Instead, they work with your body’s natural mechanisms to help you sleep better and longer. You can find all of these supplements and more at my online store. You can even get 10% off your first order by clicking right here.

Set Yourself Up for Success

While we still have a lot to learn about sleep, there’s no denying that it’s an often-overlooked pillar of health. Without logging adequate hours of high-quality sleep, we simply can’t show up as our best or truly support our overall well-being. Taking steps to make sleep a priority is one of the best things you can do for your health.

And while there’s no “one size fits all” solution for better sleep – or health for that matter – the suggestions outlined in this article apply to just about everyone. Try making tiny adjustments and incorporating small changes to improve your sleeping habits and optimize your shut-eye. Because when it comes to your health and well-being, you’re in the driver’s seat and your day-to-day choices add up in a big way.

If you enjoyed this article and want to learn more about how you can optimize your health, head over, and check out my blog. It’s chock-full of articles and resources to give you what you need to make informed and empowered choices about your health. And if you want to take it even deeper, I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter to get exclusive access to my very best tips and resources delivered straight to your inbox. All you have to do is enter your name and email address in the form below.

Now it’s time to hear from you. Were you surprised to learn about the 4 stages of sleep? What steps are you taking to improve your sleep habits? Leave your questions and thoughts in the comments below!


  1. https://www.ninds.nih.gov/Disorders/patient-caregiver-education/Understanding-sleep
  2. https://www.sleepfoundation.org/articles/stages-of-sleep
  3. https://www.upmc.com/services/pulmonology/our-services/sleep-medicine/resources/during-sleep

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product mentioned in this article are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.   The information in this article is not intended to replace any recommendations or relationship with your physician.  Please review references sited at end of article for scientific support of any claims made.

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FAMILY: How will Halloween happen for your kids this year?

National Geographic <ng@email.nationalgeographic.com>



By Rachel Buchholz, KIDS AND FAMILY Editor in Chief

Halloween in my neighborhood is a big deal. The fun goes way beyond the strobe lights and two-story spiderwebs you might see elsewhere. I’m talking witches flying across the street on broomsticks, cemeteries with only-in-DC headstones, and grown-up ghouls on balconies talking eerily into a microphone urging children to enter their yard. (I’ve seen more than a few kids say, “Um, no thanks.”)

The sidewalks are packed. The candy flows freely. The children are screaming—both in delight and delightful terror.

And this year, I’m not sure any of it will happen.

It’s something parents are grappling with, especially with recent CDC guidelines that list traditional trick-or-treating as a high-risk activity. Some communities have already decided for parents: Many cities have canceled annual Halloween events or restricted trick-or-treating hours; Springfield, Massachusetts, suspended trick-or-treating altogether.

But in a country in which kids start planning their costumes before school even starts (and grown-ups spent $8.8 billion on Halloween fare last year), it’s unlikely 2020 will become the year that Halloween was canceled. It’ll just look a little different.

Think get-ups that have masks incorporated into the costume, or a friends-and-family Halloween pod. Instead of candy handouts, candy chutes sliding treats to kids. “I jokingly said to a child, ‘You can hold out a little fishing net,’” says Aaron Milstone, professor of pediatrics and infectious diseases at Johns Hopkins, in this article about how to have a safe Halloween this year. “Kids can collect their candy in so many fun, clever ways.” (Tell us how your Halloween will look this year!)

No one’s suggesting that you forget about the pandemic safety rules for the evening: Families still need to mask up, socially distance, and wash hands—a lot. But fun can still be had. (Get more ideas at the Nat Geo Kids Halloween Hubor check out our book Weird But True! Halloween.) “We’re teaching our children to be flexible, and sometimes different is even better,” says therapist and pediatric clinical consultant Jacqueline Rhew. “It’s about creating new traditions.”

I’m definitely looking forward to one new tradition: a neighborhood full of tiny doctors, nurses, and first responders—all, of course, wearing masks.
National Geographic
Sunday, October 11, 2020







Most prople today want a religion which suits the way they live rather than one which makes demands on them .Religion has become a luxury like an opera , not a responsibility like life.
Archbishop Fulton Sheen



























3 Tips To Raise Your Vibration and
Open Your Flow Of Wealth

By Natalie Ledwell


Albert Einstein famously said: “Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy this is physics.”

Do you ever wonder why it is that some people find it really easy to attract wealth and abundance into their lives…

While others, despite their hard work and big efforts to succeed and thrive, end up failing?

The truth is, there’s a limitless supply of wealth and abundance available to every one of us, we just have to learn how to cultivate and attract it.

One thing that highly abundant and wealthy people do well is keep their energetic vibration high. This amplifies their ability to attract all the money they desire!

Now to help you do just that, so you’re aligned to attract the wealth you deserve, try implementing these 3 powerful tips for raising your vibration today!

1: Know that money is an expression of your own energy

Every time you consciously receive, spend or give money, you’re reflecting on how you view and feel about wealth.

That’s why it’s very important that every time you earn or spend money, you’re consciously aware of the energy you’re putting behind it. A simple way to do this is to make sure you put a smile on your face every time you pay your bills and be appreciative of what you’re paying for.

For example, if you’re paying your mortgage, be grateful for the house you live in. If you’re paying your electricity, be thankful that the lights are on.

Every time you receive your paycheck, even if it’s not the amount you’d like to receive, make sure you’re being grateful for the job that you have.

2: Be aware of your words and thoughts

Did you know that every time you speak negatively about your financial situation or act with scarcity, you lower your vibration?

Remember that your words and thoughts are so powerful that they create actions that will ultimately impact your life in a positive or negative way… so make sure you choose your words wisely!

Sometimes it can be very easy to engage in conversations about lack as we complain about our financial situation to others. If you catch yourself doing this, try using phrases like ‘I choose not to invest in…. ‘ Vs. ‘I can’t afford this…’

Using daily affirmations is also a great way to reassure your positive high vibration and to protect yourself from negative vibrations others may be executing.

3: Put your health before wealth

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said ‘Health is our greatest wealth’, and I’ve certainly found this to be true.

You must cultivate a vibrant health in order to raise your abundance vibration. The healthier you are, the more confident and empowered you’ll become, and this will bring more wealth your way.

So make sure you’re doing everything it takes to keep yourself healthy, fit and vibrant because only YOU can create your best life and live with an abundance of joy, prosperity, and happiness.

Now before you go, if you want to discover the number one thing blocking you from the success you desire, you just have to take my free quiz now.

It’s a spookily accurate 30-second quiz that reveals the subconscious limiting belief that’s quietly sabotaging your success and abundance.

It’s quick and super valuable. Click here to take it now for free!

About the Author


Natalie Ledwell is a best-selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

























Are you insane???

Okay, so that's kind of a weird and possibly confrontational way to open an email. It's also a TRICK question. Here's why...


"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." – Albert Einstein


This quote has been attributed to a LOT of people, whether it be Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, or others. It's been repeated by thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people and for good reason...


In a way, we're all at least a little bit insane! :)


We all want changes in our lives, yet unfortunately very few of us make the changes we know that we need to make. We want to be happier, wealthier, healthier, wiser, and yet, for some reason we have difficulty making the changes in our lives to do that.


In other words – we keep expecting and wanting change, but we're not doing the most effective things to make lasting change happen. We keep doing the same thing over and over, and that's what it means to be "insane."


And while it would be easy to criticize ourselves and judge ourselves for not doing what we know we "should" do, the fact of the matter is...


It probably isn't your fault.


That's because we all have a metaphorical "thermostat" inside of us that tries to keep us within our comfort zones. This thermostat tells us what we can and cannot succeed at, how much love we can allow into our lives, and even how much wealth we can have at any given moment.


But the unfortunate truth is that this "thermostat" program was installed when we were children!


Our family, friends, and teachers told us who we were, and because we were children who didn't know any better, we believed them and set our thermostat.


Now think about that for a minute...


Our ability to succeed now, is in large part, determined by what we were told as a child.


And even more challenging is that even though we consciously may want to make changes in our lives right now, our thermostat is mostly unconscious, and as a result, no matter how hard we try to make changes at a conscious level, the thermostat brings you back down.


If we're finding ourselves unfulfilled and unhappy, the thermostat will push us to do the things we enjoy and to find solutions to our problems.


That sounds like a good thing, until we realize the second part of that picture:


If we're finding ourselves too happy, too wealthy, or too fulfilled, the thermostat will make us sabotage ourselves. This is why the majority of lottery winners lose their money, and often even go bankrupt.


Even if our thermostat is bringing us up, eventually it will just stop and not let us go any higher.


That's why I intentionally write emails, share videos, create programs, and share resources from friends to help you reprogram your thermostat to go higher and higher...

To enable you to achieve all the goals that so far have been difficult to attain.


Every little bit makes a difference, as long as you do just one thing...



Take action.


Every little positive action helps reprogram your un-conscious mind to elevate higher than your current thermostat.


So even when life feels tough, even when it feels like you're stuck, remember:


One step forward.


Then, when you're ready...


Another step forward.


It really can be that easy. Just remember to actually take those steps. Apply a new idea. Test it out. Try something new. Keep moving forward a little bit at a time.


I've got your back.:)


With Love,


































































































If you're missing the orchestra as much as we are, follow us on social media @cltsymphony.
We're sharing what our musicians are up to at home, including short excerpts of what they're playing in their spare time.

#CSOatHome Charlotte Symphony Assoc. Principal Trumpet Gabe Slesinger plays Ibert's "Impromptu"
































You Can’t Lose Fellowship with God 

Seventy weeks are determined for your people and for your holy city, to finish the transgression, to make an end of sins, to make reconciliation for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness.

Daniel 9:24

There are some Christians who believe that you can lose fellowship with God when you sin, and you need to confess your sin to God and obtain forgiveness to become righteous again. They claim that your relationship with God is not broken when you sin, but fellowship with Him is, so you need to confess your sin to restore fellowship with Him.

It sounds very good. But believing that your fellowship with God is broken when you sin will affect your ability to come boldly to His throne of grace to receive from Him. In reality, both the words “relationship” and “fellowship” share the same Greek root word koinonia. This means that even if you fail, relationship and fellowship with God are not broken. Why? Because your sins and failures have all been paid for at the cross. How can you ever lose your righteousness in Christ when it is based entirely on His perfect work and not your imperfection?

To see how we have everlasting righteousness in Christ, look at the prophecy in the Book of Daniel about Jesus’ work at Calvary. Daniel 9:24 describes His mission in no uncertain terms: “...to finish the transgression, to make an end of sins, to make reconciliation for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness.” Beloved, we can rejoice today because Jesus has fulfilled every iota of this prophecy! The blood of bulls and goats in the old covenant only provided limited and temporal righteousness for the children of Israel, and that is why with every new failing, the sacrifices had to be repeated.

But in the new covenant, the blood of Jesus put an end to sin and gave us everlasting righteousness! Listen carefully to this: Jesus does not have to be crucified repeatedly whenever you fail because every sin has already been paid for on the cross. We need to trust in just how complete and perfect His finished work is. Today, as a new covenant believer, you are righteous not only until your next sin. You have everlasting righteousness!






























































Paul Bynom and Damian McGinty in Just a Song at Twilight






































































Leadership is not about holding power over others or illuminating our own greatness. It’s about cultivating and inspiring leadership in those around us."

- Darren Hardy




 I don’t expect to wake up one morning to find the Constitution suspended and a socialist state declared. However, I do not want to one day look back and say, “2020 was the year we lost America.”

November 3 could be the most significant election in American history. 

We have been hearing something similar for a while now. That is because the stakes keep getting higher, the danger greater and the tipping point in the transformation of America from free constitutional republic to totalitarian state seems closer than it has ever been in our 244 year history.

The Left’s dream is our nightmare: 

They would use the Communist Chinese Wuhan Virus (COVID-19) as an excuse to close down the economy and lock down the American people.

It is not enough that we are all “created equal.” They want to engineer a government imposed artificial  equality that will require a police state to implement.

They want to subvert the Judeo-Christian principles of hard work and personal responsibility with guaranteed income and forced national wealth redistribution. In other words, they want to steal from those who work to give to those who won’t. 

They want us to obey our elite masters. After all, they know best, right? In return for the loss of our freedom, we will be granted false security, mediocre government healthcare, and rescue from the apocalyptic climate change that, according to them, will destroy the planet in 10 years.

Our country is in a historic confrontation between two diametrically opposed world-views. One believes in individual liberty with accountability to God. The other believes in collective conformity with accountability to government as god. This is a spiritual battle between light and darkness, good and evil. This is a battle for the future of this nation.

As I write this letter on Columbus Day, I am hearing reports denigrating Christopher Columbus and replacing the holiday in his honor with “Indigenous People’s Day.” I respect Native Americans, but a holiday is named after a person for his or her achievements. It is a fundamental departure from the meritocratic ideals of our country to embrace identity politics in which we celebrate people simply because they exist or even worse, because they are not white. 

We must fight against the demagogic propaganda that all white people are racist, and that all “people of color” are their victims. When millionaires and billionaires like LeBron James, Oprah Winfrey and Spike Lee claim victim status, this is cult-like thinking that denies reality. This is Marxist ideology poisoning the minds of susceptible Americans, even the rich.

Instead of coming together in shared gratitude for the "blessings of liberty," the Left is trying to convince us that America is a cursed land of injustice and exploitation.

We at STAND are combatting the lies and exposing the evil. We need your most generous contribution today, especially with so little time left before an historic election.


Also, as I write this letter I am on my way to the Supreme Court to rally in behalf of and pray for Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Those opposing her cannot deny that she is a brilliant jurist. They cannot deny her compassion as a mother with seven children, two of whom were adopted from the impoverished and chaotic island of Haiti. What they hate about her is her Christian faith. The “dogma lives loudly” within her, Diane Feinstein accused.

They launched the same attacks on Russell Vought during his nomination hearings for Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget. Senators Bernie Sanders and Dick Durban said that there was no place in America for people who believe that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation. They have a problem because there are over 200 million Americans who identify as Christians. Sadly, there are people who hold high office in our country who despise the First Amendment because it protects Christians whose faith opposes their progressive agenda.

This battle is being fought in the halls of Congress, in the Supreme Court and even in the streets of our cities across the country. What is at stake for America? EVERYTHING! 

Will we have vision or division? Will we be governed by the Constitution or tyrannized by the whims of power hungry politicians? Will we have a dynamic economy of free enterprise or a planned economy of socialist stagnation? Will our police officers be able to keep our communities safe or be attacked by criminals and abandoned by city leaders? Will our Flag fly high or be trampled under foot?

As Ronald Reagan said decades ago, “This is a time for choosing.”

Thank you for choosing the Constitution and the Judeo-Christian values which undergird it. We are grateful for your support, and we will keep fighting to uphold those ideals.

God bless you and your family, and may He bless us to emerge from this time of crisis stronger and better than ever, that shining city on hill whose light will never be extinguished because we believe in God, in our country and in one another.

For God & Country,

Bishop E.W. Jackson
















































































































































































































































































































































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