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Vilma Abrenio Cong





01 - What's your routine on Christmas morning?
       Go to mass, help prepare Christmas lunch ( we always have our parties
     at noon,so we can get everything cleaned up by early evening in case 
     there is school or work the next day).We all dress up for lunch, open
     presents and take a lot of photos.


02 - The best Christmas I ever spent was?
        Christmas 2006. I was diagnosed with kidney cancer on Oct 23 2006,
     a day after my 48th birthday. Everything after that including 
     Christmas had a deeper meaning.


03 - What do you do Christmas Eve?
       We used to go to Christmas Eve midnight mass when we were younger
     but too old for that now. I usually sleep early on December 24 to
     prepare for Dec 25, which usually starts at dawn, and all the way
     to dinner time. 


04 - When do you decorate for Christmas?
       Around Thanksgiving. I am not crafty or techy. This usually means
      having a tree with ornaments collected through the years. Christmas         stockings for the grandkids who are present and a few decorations on       tables and couches. No exterior lights.sadsadsad



05 - Where will you be spending the holidays this year?
       At home with my daughter Elle and son Xavier. My other daughter is
      in Georgia and one in Japan.



06 - What sits on top of your Christmas Tree?
        An angel which is 32 yrs old,as old as my oldest daughter Ella. This             has consistently sat on top of our tree through a total of four homes
      and three decades.


07 - Who cooks Christmas dinner?
       I used to cook all the holiday dinners. My Mom used to cook daily
      meals. My ex-husband helped after he retired and learned how to.
      My daughters finally took over when they were grown. I do
      plan the initial menu and approve the final dishes.



08 - What is your favorite Christmas dish?
       Yams from the American side and some lumpias from the
      Filipino side.



09 - What is your favorite holiday dessert?
        Pumpkin pie from the American side and a cake from the
      Filipino bakery.



10 - Favorite holiday tradition with your family?
       American-Filipino fusion from decorations to food. Just about all
      food leftovers are sent home with guests.



11 - What’s your favorite part of Christmas Day?
        Opening presents. I also give gag gifts and very inexpensive
       gifts but it is also backed up by the real present.



12 - Christmas Shopping, carefully planned or last minute?
       In between the two. Gifts were specific or personalized for
      recipient or cash..



13 - The best Christmas present I ever got was.....
       A coupon book of personal services that my three daughters 
      created when they were little. Contrary to what was originally
      promised many of those were not redeemable or delivered.
      However it was the intention that mattered.



14 - Favorite Holiday Memory as a Child?
       When we were all in the Philippines as a child. I remember we
      had real apples hanging on the Christmas tree and we were
      allowed to eat the edible ornaments.



15 - What is your favorite movie to watch around the holidays?
       No particular movie, I don't like black and white. I prefer
      romantic and comedy. I could watch a lot of them Christmas
      movie marathon.



16 - What’s your favorite Christmas song of all time?
       This time it's the duet between Michael Buble and Miss Piggy
      in his Christmas in New York concert Dec 17: Baby it's cold



17 - What would you like Santa to bring you this year?
        My whole family under one roof


18 - New Year's Resolutions - make them or not?
       I will continue to make them but will come up with a couple that are 
      realistic and attainable.



19 - My favorite thing about Christmas is....

      The spirit of giving and forgiving.