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Tessie Sienes Jessop




Tessie Sienes Jessop

01 - What's your routine on Christmas morning?
 When the kids were living at home, Christmas morning was as early as 6 am.  We would all go down to the rec room to check out whether Santa had his milk and cookie.  We then would open our presents and while the kids were checking out their presents, my husband would prepare breakfast for all of us to enjoy...nice treat, of course, for me!!

02 -The best Christmas I ever spent?

It seems every Christmas has been the best ever but for the last 8 years Christmas has become more special by spending this joyous occasion with my 2 children, their spouses and 4 grandchildren in Toronto.


03 - What do you do Christmas Eve?

We attend the children's Christmas mass and then have a little spread of goodies after.

04 -When do you decorate for Christmas? 

I usually start early November before it is too cold outside by putting the Christmas lights on the trees and bushes outside.  Then that also motivates me to do some decorating inside the house.


05 -Where will you be spending the holidays this year? 

We will be spending Christmas eve and Christmas day with my daughter and her family and her in-laws in Toronto.  We plan to have another Christmas gathering at my son's home in Toronto on the 26th as they are going to spend Christmas Day with the in-laws in Sarnia.

06 -What sits on top of your tree? 
We haven't put up a Christmas tree for the last 8 years but when I did I had an angel as a treetop.

07 - Who cooks Christmas dinner?

My son or daughter has been taking turns hosting Christmas dinner, so they are the cooks.

08 - What is your favorite Christmas dish

My  favourite dish is roasted turkey with bread stuffing, gravy, and mashed potatoes.


09 -What is your favorite holiday dessert?


Assorted home-baked Christmas cookies

10 -Favorite holiday tradition with your family?


Turkey dinner with all the trimmings

11 - What is your favorite part of Christmas day?

Watching the grandkids open their presents.

12 -Christmas Shopping, carefully planned or last minute?


Not carefully planned nor last minute...I prefer doing my shopping a little bit at a time to avoid stress.

13 - The best Christmas present I ever got was...

a bracelet from my hubby with the birthstone of each grandchild and the name engraved on each link beside it.


14 - Favorite holiday memory as a child ?


Going to Carcar to visit my grandparents and meeting all the Barcenilla cousins at my lolo and lola's house.

15 - What is your favorite movie to watch around the holidays?


A Christmas Carol and the Miracle on 34th St., the latter which I just saw on stage the other day.

16 - What's your favorite Christmas song of all time?

O Holy Night


17 - What would you like Santa to bring you this year?


Good health and good cheer.

18 -New Year's Resolutions-make them or not?


I don't remember making any New Year's resolutions,


19 -My favorite thing about Christmas?


It's a happy time of the year for family and friends to be together,  and a time to be thoughtful of others who are in most need.