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Marianas Barcenilla Ygona

Marianas Barcenilla Ygona



Marianas Barcenilla Ygona

01 - What's your routine on Christmas morning?
Cooking. Christmas mass was the evening before

02 - The best Christmas I ever spent was....
Most Christmasses

03 - What do you do Christmas Eve?
Christmas vigil mass

04 - When do you decorate for Christmas?
1 to 2 weeks prior

05 - Where will you be spending the holidays this year?
At home

06 - What sits on top of your Christmas Tree?
Usually a star or an angel

07 - Who cooks Christmas dinner?
I do

08 - What is your favorite Christmas dish?
Once I had roasted quails

09 - What is your favorite holiday dessert?
Leche Flan

10 - Favorite holiday tradition with your family?
"not rich enough to have traditions" just kidding , Dinner

11 - What’s your favorite part of Christmas Day?
Sobremesa with family

12 - Christmas Shopping, carefully planned or last minute?
Carefully planned of course

13 - The best Christmas present I ever got was.....
Can't remember

14 - Favorite Holiday Memory as a Child?
The first time Santa came to fill my sock (didn't see Santa of course)

15 - What is your favorite movie to watch around the holidays?
None. Not so much for movie watching

16 - What’s your favorite Christmas song of all time?
Feliz Navidad

17 - What would you like Santa to bring you this year?
A knocker - to knock on the heads of people

18 - New Year's Resolutions - make them or not?
No not at anymore at my age

19 - My favorite thing about Christmas is....
I'll have to think about that ( other than something religious )