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Jerome Manato



Jerome Manato


01 - What's your routine on Christmas morning?

wake up early and wake everyone in the house. christmas breakfast together, watch christmas movies and go the the mall later in the afternoon.

02 - The best Christmas I ever spent was....

the first christmas that i celebrated with my wife as husband and wife

03 - What do you do Christmas Eve?

attend the Midnight Mass and have the Christmas dinner with my wife and kids. We tell stories to our kids about our childhood christmases.

04 - When do you decorate for Christmas?

i only have the creche or the Nativity scene as my Christmas decor starting December 1. I don't usually put christmas decorations with no biblical meaning.

05 - Where will you be spending the holidays this year?

@ home with my wife and kids. We are also planning to have a family reunion on Dec. 26 or 27.

06 - What sits on top of your Christmas Tree?

having a Christmas tree is not a practice in our family. But my late grandfather and me used to put Christmas lights on all the Chico trees outside our house. That looks better than Christmas tree.

07 - Who cooks Christmas dinner?

i love to cook christmas dinner but my kids doesn't like my cooking. so i just leave it to my wife when it comes to cooking. She's a great cook than I am.

08 - What is your favorite Christmas dish?

nothing in particular. I eat everything on the table..hehehhee..except the plates and the spoon... and the table..

09 - What is your favorite holiday dessert?

my wife's  Mango Float in a jar

10 - Favorite holiday tradition with your family?

Simbang Gabi, Noche Buena and the exchanging of gifts.

11 - What’s your favorite part of Christmas Day?

Noche Buena and the exchanging of gifts.

12 - Christmas Shopping, carefully planned or last minute?

I usually plan my Christmas expenses but my wife always have a last minute christmas purchases. We argue about this one but she always wins. so i guess the last minute shopping.

13 - The best Christmas present I ever got was.....

when i was a kid, my father gave me a pair of the first model of Jordan's Nike Air. I'm so proud of it that i  intentionally step into my classmates shoes at school for them to recognize my new pair of shoes..

14 - Favorite Holiday Memory as a Child?

my late grandmother always prepare foods for our Noche Buena. My 3 sisters and I stay up late at night to attend the Midnight Mass. We walked from our home in Cambuntan to St. Catherine's Church and vice versa. Then we will have our Noche Buena after. It's a family gathering. No malling, no movies and no gadgets. we are just there talking and laughing and telling jokes..

15 - What is your favorite movie to watch around the holidays?

nothing beats with "HOME ALONE" movie series.

16 - What’s your favorite Christmas song of all time?

White Christmas

17 - What would you like Santa to bring you this year?

I want Rudolf as my pet.

18 - New Year's Resolutions - make them or not?

I only have one every year and I will make that as my goal for the entire year.

19 - My favorite thing about Christmas is....

The attitude of the people around you. They are more friendly and nice during Christmas season.